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After the Johto update to Pokémon GO, I've been noticing an odd occurrence when interacting with PokéStops. I'll walk up to them and tap them as they "open up," but when I spin them it says "Try again later." I have noticed that this usually happens to me when I'm in the car (riding shotgun, of course — don't drive and GO kids), so perhaps speed is the issue? Once I exit the PokéStop and tap on it again, I've missed it. This is frustrating for me because driving is pretty much the only time I can get PokéStops. For clarification:

  • I am not too far away. The PokéStop opens up as I tap it.
  • Usually happens in the car.
  • Very very frustrating.
  • Only started happening after the Johto update. Before that I could nab PokéStops while driving with ease.

Any insight would be great!

To be honest I already have this problem before the Johto Update, but I don't think every time it does this when I'm in a car. Perhaps you have a poor connection or something like that.

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You can't use a pokestop if you are walking/running/driving 30 miles per hour. This has nothing to do with the Johto Update.

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Walking/running 30 miles per hour. That's pretty fast
Once my sister  got it when she was walking