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I use chansey alot in competitive teams and so I thought I would try and get a shiny chansey. But shiny swapping guides like this one never specify if you HAVE to use ditto. http://i.imgur.com/M7x08pp.png
I don't have a ditto with 4 ivs in all defensive stats and speed with 0 attack, I do have a mawile with those ivs though. So I don't want to start breeding with this mawile and togedemaru until I know that it'll work are planned.(togedemaru eggs take twice as long as magikarp eggs but it still doesn't take long to hatch so I don't care).

If mawile holds destiny knot and breeds with togedemaru, and then I eventually find a shiny togedemaru, I reset the save and replace togedemaru with chansey (with the everstone) and hopefully get perfect ivs (both my chansey and mawile have the perfect ivs I need) and with rejecting the first egg and every 2nd egg after that because chansey being always female gets rid of a roll and rejecting eggs fills that roll.

So yeah would that work or not?

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Ditto is not required

I ended up trying to hunt for it anyway and got a shiny togedemaru eventually, and the shiny swap worked. For anyone wanting to shiny swap but doesn't have a ditto with the ivs they want, you can just use a different Pokemon as long as 1 parent stays in the nursery.