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I'm trying to train my Silvally to lv 100 to hyper train it. Elite 4 is good but it takes too long. My silvally is lv 73. He won't ohko anything in the league unless I set up. I'm currently training at Poni plains. Thanks in advance.


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The highest level trainer Pokémon are found in the Pokémon League (Elite Four + challengers). The highest level wild Pokémon are found in Poni Gauntlet, right before the Battle Tree. Getting to Lv. 100 is quite difficult in Sun/Moon, which seems counterintuitive when you consider the shiny new Hyper Training, (Alola doesn't have Blissey Bases or O-Powers to farm Exp) but with enough patience it's possible. Going to Poni Gauntlet and chaining Pelipper and Bewear, combined with a Lucky Egg and two hearts in Refresh, will probably be the fastest way to grind until your Silvally can beat the Elite Four.
Good luck!

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