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What does this mean? Do you just want a Smeargle moveset for catching pokemon or what?

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I would say for a high level shiny hunting Smeargle I would personally go with:

  1. Tackle/Quick Attack (High PP and has STAB)
  2. False Swipe/Super Fang/Hold Back (Moves that don't kill the opposing Pokemon and will make the Pokemon call for help)
  3. Spore (Makes the other Pokemon fall asleep making it easier to catch)
  4. Recycle (You will be able to not run out of PP if holding a Leppa Berry)
Rapid spin and leafage have higher PP than tackle and quick attack.
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  • False swipe (To make the Pokemon call for help.)
  • Extreme speed (For fainting Pokemon to keep the chain going.)
  • Recover (So it doesn't die.)
  • Recycle (Give it a Leppa berry to hold. This will let it keep going without running out of PP for it's moves.)

Own tempo would be the slightly more useful ability, but really it doesn't matter.

This thread helps with how to get these moves on a Smeargle.

Thx! This Helps Me