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So, Masuda is cool. However, that with the shiny charm, the odds are a whopping 1/512, and cannot be inceased.

I want every single shiny Eevee. Maybe two of each. So like, at least 9 shiny Eevees. So far, all the Eevees I have are either from Let's go Eevee or Masuda Method.

Recently, I found out Eevee has a 5% Encounter rate in the Crown Tundra, which is significantly better than the 1% on route 4. I'm wondering, would killing the Eevee population's 5% encounter rate be better for shiny hunting long-term? Or should I save myself the agony of killing 500+ Eevees for the same odds.

so far ive killed 150+ eevees but im not sure if its worth it
I have several questions, but one needs answered first: do the Eevees have to originate from LGE! or Gen 8? If not I might have a better suggestion for you.
gen 8 is preferred. i like keeping my mons in the games they originate from, if possible ;w; I'm not a fan of catch combos in lgpe anyways, primarily because it resets easily
Ah...you see I'm not the same way. In my opinion, for Eevee's case, the easiest method is far and away SOS chaining on Akala Routes 4 and 6 in the Alola games (I've done it).

But, of course, I will not infringe your opinions. If you'd like to hear more, let me know.

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Masuda Method is absolutely the way to go if you want to hunt them in SwSh. The Wild encounter method maxes out at the same 1/512 odds as Masuda, and that's only after catching or KOing 500 Pokemon of that species. Masuda gives you more control over the Eevee's stats and moves and doesn't require a 500 Pokemon grind to reach max odds.

Even though you said that you like keeping your Pokemon in their original games, but if you want to get shiny Eevees as quickly as possible, I would strongly recommend SOSing for them in a Gen 7 game. With the shiny charm, you get 1/273 chance of finding a shiny after only 31 calls. Even without the shiny charm, you still have a 1/315 chance, which is higher than charmed Masuda Method while seeing more Pokemon per minute. Just make sure you chain them using a Pokemon with Keen Eye, Clear Body, etc., since the Eevees do know Sand Attack.

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> Just make sure you chain them using a Pokemon with Keen Eye, Clear Body, etc., since the Eevees do know Sand Attack.

HIGHLY recommend Fearow, gets False Swipe, Roost and Keen Eye.
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Masuda Method is better than Murder Method, for three specific reasons.

One, you have the 1/512 immediately, assuming you have the Shiny Charm, as opposed to Murder Method's max odds after many, many KOs.

Two, it's more productive to keep churning out Eevees with Flame Body and the Oval Charm, as it's far more consistent and not based on luck like it can be in the wild.

Three, there's a glitch with Murder Method, making it so it doesn't always give you the boosted odds. I believe there's a 3% chance of getting the better odds? An utter waste of time.

Hope I helped, and good luck with your hunt!