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This is Tomatoa:

And this is his song.

I want to SOS chain a Shiny Pokémon and name it Tomatoa, because without one I'm a drab little crab, and if I have one I'll be happy as a clam. It'll be beautiful, baby. Which Pokémon in Sun/Moon closest resembles Tomatoa? There can be more than one.

Krabby's not in Sun/Moon :c
I guess I'm not the only one who watched Moana
Now, Tomatoa hasn't always been this glam, I was a drab little crab once!

Fall from the ones who abandoned you chasing the love of these humans who made you feel welcome! You tried to be tough, but your armor's just not strong enough!

You wish you were nice and shiny, you'll never be quite as SHINYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

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Definitely Paras because the name fits it better. But, Crabrawler's shiny fits its color scheme.
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I would guess a Parasect