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So I have a female Meowstic in Pokemon Moon and she sparkles when she comes out of her pokeball. No, she is not shiny. Here is her information if it helps:

  • Caught in a Luxury Ball
  • Nature: Bold
  • Characteristic: Highly persistent
  • Seems to have traveled across both space and time to reach you from the Kalos region
  • Ability: Infiltrator ("Passes through the opposing Pokemon's barrier, substitute, and the like and strikes")
  • I caught her myself in Pokemon Y
  • Level 25
  • Hp: 73
  • Sp. Atk: 50
  • Sp. Def: 47
  • Attack: 28
  • Defense: 52
  • Speed: 59
  • Extra information: She sparkled as a Espurr too
Maybe it came from Pokebank. Espurr can not be found in Sun/Moon.
But I've transferred a good few Pokémon from pokebank and not all of them sparkle while not being shiny. My Garchomp is from the Kalos region but you can find Gible in the game.

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That's the visual effect of the luxury ball. It's just a visual, similarly to the Beast Ball for the Ultra Beasts.

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But my Pokémon is in a Great Ball and it's also not a shiny.