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I don't know. I just felt like asking.

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Are you asking why it already has a baby in it's pouch or if it has a baby in it's pouch?
Fixed it! XD
Why would you ask if the answer is in the tags? GameFreak logic is the only explanation.
ITS (possessive)

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Possibility #1: The 'baby Kangaskhan' is actually a smaller twin.

Possibility #2: The parent is so overly protective that the babies are literally unable to fight until they're adults themselves. meaning mother kangaskhan technically gets partial dna cloned into baby to protect its own baby.

Possibility #3: The game designers don't feel like making a Baby Kangaskhan Pokemon since it has been shown for so long in its parent's pouch that seperating them would require extra work.

Possibility #4: Too much energy put into musing about such a minute detail of a massive franchise will only lead to headaches and Wild Mass Guessing.

Game FREaK LaziNess!!! 10/10 for that last comment in my opinion!

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I like one. It makes sense. an overprotective older sister (They are all female). eventually it has its own child, or something. probably. by this logic, all wild kangaskhan are nuturing babies, but those bred in captivity will only ever have their sibling to protect.
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Game Freak Logic

Seriously GF has a knack for this. Take a look:

  • A whale can mate with a little cat.

  • Seviper and Zangoose, supposed mortal enemies, can mate with each other.

  • Wooper can learn Ice Punch, but has no arms.

  • A rock with two arms and no legs (Geodude) evolves into a ball of gravel with two arms and two legs (Graveller) which in turn evolves into a bal lof stone with two arms and two legs with a weird lizard face thing (Golem)

  • Charizard can beat Blastoise, somehow

Hope I helped!

"Charizard can beat Blastoise, somehow"
It's all in the coverage moves....
I request a Broadway number that sings about the beauty of Game Freak logic, stat!
You forgot the part about Shroomish learning Focus Punch, Yanmega not being able to learn Fly, and Gyarados being a Flying type
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There is a theory about kangaskhan and its baby I that I agree with.

The theory is that the brown, large kangaskhan isn't a Pokemon at all, but rather the baby is kangaskhan, and it uses the body to seem more powerful. That could explain why they're born together. There is also it's mega evolution which only changes the baby. This could all just be gamefreak logic though.

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For easier understandment they're simbiotes and Pokemon who share simbiosis are treated like one pokémon untill they separate from each-other, Kangaskan = Mother+baby. Same goes for Slowbro (Slowpoke+shelder attached) and exeggute (many eggs united)
Hope you can understand, thanks all

(There is aways be a mother and a baby, because of the simbiote lifestyle, cause of this, they'l born together)

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