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Can you post a picture of the card?
Do u have somewhere I can send it to u
The upload thing is being weird
Upload an image of it to imgur.com and post a link to it here. You're most likely to get an accurate response if you make the image available to everyone.
Are you asking why it's holographic?
Yes it's a common yet a halo?
It was a print run of the Mudkip thar was released as a promo teaser for the ORAS card sets. There was a Treecko and Torchic to go with that Mudkip.

Also it's holo, not halo.

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That Mudkip card in the image, along with a Treecko and Torchic was a promo print run of the common cards from the set Primal Clash. They actually have done this multiple times, giving a regular card a holographic print as a promotion for certain sets of cards.

Source: experience (I purchased this very box with the same holo Mudkip, along with Treecko and Torchic).