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If Pheromosa gets the elemental punches and Knock Off as tutor moves in a future game, will it be enough to bump it up to Uber?

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No. Because having a Pheromosa with Hi Jump Kick, Poison Jab, U-Turn, and Lunge with 252 Spd, 252 Atk, and 4 HP + Life Orb would be way more over-powered than Fire Punch, Knock Off, Thunder Punch, and Ice Punch.

He's wondering if it'll become overpowered if poison jab was replaced with knock off. Just because a Pokemon gets four moves doesn't mean people need to use all four of them.
Ya, he is asking if give it those moves will give it more coverage.
Pheromosa has the coverage it needs in OU. Ghost types are very rare right now, and Psychic Types are dealt with via U-Turn or Lunge. Also most Phero are scarfed, or at least revenge killers, so it needs the power more than it needs utility in Knock Off.
What about ice punch? Or something like earthquake to cover poison?
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