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I'm trying to find a Croagunk with the Hidden Ability, Poison Touch, and since it's unavailable to find in Sun/Moon, I think my best bet is on Route 7 in Pokémon X/Y, since I don't have a Friend Safari with the HA Toxicroak.

But I'd prefer to know whether or not it's worth my time tying to find one, or if I should just wait for a friend with that safari.

So if anyone happens to have that Poison Safari with HA Poison Touch Toxicroak, my friend code is 2423-7042-7159.

Thanks so much

You can't get hidden abilities just by walking through flowers. You need to get a horde, which I think you can't do with Croagunk. By the way, why do you want poison touch so much more than dry skin?
@sumwun even if a Pokemon's HA is considered inferior, it's usually better to have the HA as your breeding starter, since you can always breed for the basic ability(s) from the hidden, but not the other way around.
I want Poison Touch because then I'm gonna breed Fake Out onto it, mainly.
0% I think maybe....
I forgot about this, but you can get a hidden ability Croagunk from a Generation 5 game and transfer it to XY.

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Croagunk is not a Pokémon that can be encountered in hordes. Because of this, unfortunately, there is no way to find it with its Hidden Ability outside of Friend Safaris. :(

Ok well thanks for the help. And in that case, my friend code is 2423-7042-7159, if anyone has that Poison Safari with HA Toxicroak. Thanks