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This has always disturbed me for some reason. Is it a marking or an eye?

This is my first shiny pokemon EVER. And I still never notice it.
My first shiny was a Hoppip and I released it because I thought it was sick.
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How did I only just notice this...?

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Gastrodon is a sea slug-like Pokémon, and appears much the same as its pre-evolution, but it gains four more stubby legs and is noticeably larger. They both have plain black eyes with white irises, with a third eye in the center of their forehead. Like Shellos, Gastrodon has two forms.


EDIT: I looked into it a bit more, and whenever Gastrodon does a special move in the anime, like Bubble Beam, that third eye glows along with the other two, so I'd say it's safe to say it's indeed a third eye)

Hope I could help!

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Thanks! Slugs are ugly. Sea slugs are not.
No problem! And slugs are pretty amazing
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slugs have thousands of tiny tiny tiny teeth