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So I don't know if this should be common knowledge but I am kind of confused on how weather works in this one aspect especially with certain Pokemon and their abilities so I'm gonna set a scenario

Opponent has Toxicroak with dry skin ability and Kingdra with swift swim ability on the field. I have a Torkoal with drought and a Liligant with chlorophyll. The weather is currently sunny.

When I select the moves for that round, I am under the assumption that Lilligant is guaranteed to move first due to its speed being doubled from sun boosted chlorophyll unless a priority move is used such as Toxicroak using fake out.

What happens if Toxicroak is suddenly switched out for Pelipper and its drizzle ability overtakes my sun? Since switches take priority over the first attack in the round does the rain suddenly activate Kingdra's swift swim and reduce Lilligant's speed down to normal allowing Kingdra to likely move first? Or does the new weather only come into effect the next turn?

Like I said before I'm sorry if this is a dumb question I'm just unsure and would like someone to clarify this for me :) thanks


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Any changes in speed don't take effect until the following turn, so the Lilligant will still move before the Kingdra. source Notice how Seismitoad moved after Deoxys on turn one but moved before Deoxys on turn 2.

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