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So I am filling the Pokedex and I need a Weavile quick! But the problem is, I don't have time to find a Pokemon with a 5% encounter rate with a 20% chance to have a Razor Claw (I have a Butterfree with Compound Eyes) So what do I do?

I got a Sneasel on Wonder Trade, but it doesn't have a Razor Claw.

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There are two easy ways to get a weavile.

  1. I would suggest over the other as all you need to do is transfer it from a previous generation. You are able to get a weavile (or at least a sneseal so you only need a razor claw.) without searching on end for what you need.

  2. Use the GTS. I wouldn't choose this over the first option as the GTS isn't the most reliable method of getting Pokemon. Although if you can find a reasonable trade for a weavile (or sneseal with a razor claw) then I would suggest this option.

The option I can think of is to search for a sneseal yourself until you get lucky.

Hope I helped! :)

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