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I already used the Razor Claw on another Weavile in my save file. Let’s say I don’t have any friends that can trade me a Razor Claw, so could I get another Razor Claw in my game? So the final question is basically is there more than one Razor Claw in my save file, as I used it on a Sneasel with no Ice-type move.

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Victory Road

The first place that players can find the Razor Claw item is inside of Victory Road, the maze-like cave that trainers go through before battling the Elite Four at the Pokemon League. The easiest way to find it is by entering the cave through its back entrance near the Pokemon League, and then following the steps below. The Razor Claw will be inside of a Poke Ball on the ground:

  • Pass the purple-colored trainer and go down the rocks using Rock Climb.
  • Run left but then head north at the three-way intersection with the three rocks nearby.
  • Turn left at the next intersection and keep walking until a wall is hit --head south from here.
  • This will lead players to a dead end, but a Poke Ball will be there that contains the Razor Claw.

Route 224

Route 224 is an area that can be found by leaving Victory Road via a different exit. This exit can only be entered once Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl players defeat the Elite Four and obtain the National Dex from Rowan. This means that players will need to see all Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex.

Once players make it to Route 224, they can follow the following steps to reach the Razor Claw item:

  • From the Victory Road entrance, head north and then head east to reach a body of water that can be surfed on.
  • Surf south against the shoreline and keep heading down.
  • Eventually, a dead-end will be reached, and the Razor Claw will be inside a Poke Ball.

Battle Tower

Players can also use the shops at the Battle Tower to purchase a Razor Claw, but it will cost them 5BP, which can be obtained by winning battles in the tower.


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Thanks so much. I really appriciate the help.