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I was gonna buy the sinnoh remakes but something came up and I don't have half a thousand dollars to afford both. So, I was excited for the remakes but the movesets for all mons are just garbage so I lost a lot of interest in it and thought I might as well spend my money on that other stuff. But before I do, I wanna know, what stuff are there in the post game of the remakes? Is there some sort of new storyline like the delta episode in oras or is it just nothing else to do after beating the elite four for the first time?

Ramanas Park lets you catch legendaries with their Hidden Abilities. New Pokemon spawn in the Underground.

All the move sets have been updated to gen 8 move sets, rather than the bad gen 4 ones, too.
PokeRadar shiny hunting is much easier and more fun
That's it? Not post game storyline even the minor one in platinum concerning that team galactic scientist in the very northeastern mountain? Just shiny hunting and catching legendaries? That's disappointing

@smoothie wait, gen eight movesets? I thought stuff didn't have the new moves they received in swsh as I remember Garchomp has no access to scale shot or Latios to mystical fire. And weren't the platinum move tutors removed in the remakes?
If you compare the current movesets to what they were in Gen 4, I assure you they’re much better. I cringe my face off at the OG’s movesets. Not sure about all Pokémon, but I noticed immense differences on Shinx and the starters. Look at their pages for more details; it’s on the site.
I wouldn't really agree with that. I still remember needing to breed so Weavile can have ice punch and I don't believe Zapdos doesn't access to heat wave. I'll have to look up the mons that are relevant to me tho
Not a complete answer, but it's mostly the same as the originals: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Appendix:Diamond_and_Pearl_walkthrough
They don't have moves that were introduced in later generations than Gen 4, but they revamped the movesets so they become much less frustrating

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This is the complete list of events in the post game events in BDSP.

  • Encountering Legendaries in Ramanas Park. Note that the National Dex is needed.
  • Going to Full Moon Island and encountering Cresselia. It then becomes a roaming Pokémon.
  • Getting Regigigas in Snowpoint Temple. Note that the other Regis are needed.
  • Capturing Giratina in Turnback Cave. National Dex is needed.
  • Capturing Heatran in Stark Mountain.
  • Going to the Battle Zone.
  • Unlocking the Judge Function to check IVs.
  • Rematching Gym Leaders, Elite 4, and your rival.
  • Help Marley reach Route 224 and then explore it.
  • Battle Morimoto on Route 213.
  • Obtain the Poké Radar. National Dex is needed.
  • Get Rare Pokémon in Swarm Encounters. National Dex is needed.
  • New Grand Underground Pokémon can be encountered. National Dex is needed.
  • New Pokémon in Trophy Garden. National Dex is needed.
  • Get an Eevee in Heathrone City from Bebe. National Dex is needed.
  • Encounter Rotom in the Old Chateau. National Dex is needed.

Source: https://game8.co/games/Pokemon-Brilliant-Diamond-Shining-Pearl/archives/345376

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So no Giratina delta episode or something? Talk about a dumb decision. Thanks
Yeah, it is disappointing, but we shouldn't have gotten our hopes up TOO high, they said it in our faces that this was going to be a "faithful remake."