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I know Jolteon is a special attacker but since Jolteon has high speed, would it be good for taking items?
Also if I shouldn't ask this question then please tell me. Thanks!

in-game or competitive?
Probably competitive cause I think it would be more useful.

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Covet is not a good option for competitive Jolteon.

There are 3 reasons for this. The first is that to fully utilize Covet you would not be able to to have Jolteon carry its own item. This can be problematic as something such as choice band or black sludge could be very detrimental to Jolteon.
The second reason is that Jolteon is a fast offensive Pokemon, meant to come in and revenge kill. Covet doesn't allow this, and in fact removes from this as Jolteon really needs the move coverage to eliminate certain threats.

In addition to this, Jolteon is a special attacker. Covet is a physical move, so other than its one time utility it's really a wasted moveslot.

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Ahhh, I said practically the same thing! Spent too much time inventing a not-really-viable moveset =P
Your answer is very good! Better to spend more time writing a very good answer than not very much time writing a poor answer :)
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Since you are asking for competitive, not really, no. For multiple reasons:

  • Jolteon has 65 base Attack versus 110 base Special Attack (so basically any move that hits specially will be almost twice as effective as its physical equivalent). Thus, Covet being a physical move (and a fairly weak one at that), it has litte use aside from as an annoyance to your opponent.
  • Jolteon needs the moveslot. Depending on your set, you may need it for coverage moves like Shadow Ball or Signal Beam (straightforward attacker) or for status/boosting moves like Charge Beam, Substitute, or Baton Pass (support/Baton Passer).
  • Most of all, it's very risky. Jolteon NEEDS an item to work well (usually for more power), and although you could steal what you need, it's too much of a risk, and if you end up with a useless item... R.I.P. Sparky T_T

If there were to be a set for it, I guess it could be like this?

Jolteon @ Aguav Berry / Sitrus Berry
Ability: Volt Absorb
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, - SAtk)
- Covet
- Substitute
- Baton Pass
- Thunder Wave / Agility / Charge Beam

tl;dr: Is it a good move for Jolteon? No, not at all. Can it be super fun if you like trolling your opponent?
Absolutely =D