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I'm trying to breed for a good IV set for Jolteon. I want to get 30 or 31 in both Speed and SpAtk, but all I keep getting are low level totals and low level IVs in each of the one I want. And I can't get them to combine either. And now all of a sudden I'm getting "outstanding" or "relatively superior" and the IVs are in either attack or defense, but I have the power anklet and lens equipped. Any thoughts on how I can be a better breeder? I've already made at least 30 eevee and nothing good, nor any sign if a Timid nature.

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The way to inherit nature is to give one of the parents an Everstone, it'll inherit the nature. So I suggest get a Timid parent and give it an Everstone, though you'll forfeit one of the power items.

But aside from this, like the previous answer said, you just need to soft reset continually. Save just before you get the egg, hatch it, and if the IVs aren't to your liking, soft reset & keep trying.

Also, this is assuming you're in Gen V. Breeding prior to Gen III did not have this feature, and in Gen III & Gen IV (D/P/Pt but not HG/SS), the Everstone nature inheritance only applied to the female parent.

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Hey that soft reset idea was cool I'll try that today. Is there a better way to get the IVs I want? Or is that just also completely random and I need to keep breeding until a 30-31 in speed or spatk just happen?
You can either: i. hack/ use a Pokemon editing programme or ii. continually soft reset. The power items will make the IVs more in your control, but the Everstone will set the nature. An offspring will inherit 3 IVs randomly from both parents, so to up your chances of getting good IVs in Sp. Atk and Speed, get parents with good IVs in both.

Personally, I would consider 'good' IVs to be 20+. 30-31 is takes a lot of soft resetting from experience. So to make things faster, you could also lower your standards.
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Honestly the best thing you can do is wait. I've spent hours breeding for Natures, I know how much it sucks. Unfortunately, there isn't too much more you can do to control it besides keep breeding and be patient.

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