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I was trying to get Knock Off onto Audino (Sun and Moon), but saw it was only able through a move tutor in ORAS. So in AS I hatched an Audino with the egg moves Encore, Wish, and Sweet Kiss (bred with Togetic) and taught it Knock Off via the tutor. I EV trained it and as a test I traded it over wifi, it traded fine and then I put it in the bank and brought it to Moon and tried to trade from there but it said there was a problem. Thinking it was Knock Off I swapped that move with Thunder Wave, but it still won't trade.

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Try and swap another unrelated Pokemon just to check it isn't something wrong with PokeBank
I just tried a Taillow with Tailwind and it worked fine.

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If you mean to say that you're having trouble with Pokebank then just let me say this It Happens to Lots of People I can only get it to work, like, 30% of the time or something. Just keep trying and it'll work. Also, I had a Pokemon that Pokebank wouldn't allow me to transfer, so just try another. It's no big deal.

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