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I know it was a tm in gen 6 but I don´t have pokebank so I wondered if it was possible to breed it in sun/moon?


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Hone Claws is not an egg move for Torchic, so you cannot breed for it. The only way to get a Hone Claws Blaziken in Sun/Moon is to transfer through PokeBank.

Hopefully when this generation's remakes come out, they will contain Move Tutors and deal with this and other similar issues.

Thank you. And I agree that they should add move tutors to the remakes.
The remakes won't be for many generations. eclipse/stars/void/prism/whatever its called will be the sequel. I hope it does have move tutors.
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The only way to get Hone Claws on Blaziken is to teach it Hone Claws via TM in Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby and/or Alpha Sapphire and to Transfer it to Sun and Moon like how PhailRaptor said. It can't get Hone Claws by Breeding.

It also works if you do it in a Generation 5 game.