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Okay, my question may sound a little weird. so in some secret bases, like the one in MAGMA PASS (specifically the one I want) there are cracks on the floor. some people call them cracks. like like to call them INFINITE ABYSSES. so anyway, I visited someone else's base in one of the "cracked" bases and he had floorboard tiles over them. I know that in some bases you need special items to link bits together, like the stairs, the difference being that the stairs are easy to obtain and I have no idea how to get the floorboards. I'm playing OR if that matters.


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You can buy the floorboards (called Solid Boards in-game) from Lilycove Department Store in Lilycove City. You can only get them from the rooftop Clearance Sale on Saturdays.

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah thank GOD finally I hate day-of-the-week exclusive things graaaaahhhh no wonder i didn't find it