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I have regice but I can't find the other two dolls.whare can I find the other two dolls?!

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You can always rely on some Hacking
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HACKING SOLVES ALL THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD!! But really never hack or your game will crap itself to death

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QR Code Scanning

You need to scan the QR codes of the 3 Developers, Masuda, Tsuguru and Morimoto.
enter image description here

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No problem :D
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So, to get the 3 regi dolls (well 2 since you already have 1) you need to download the 3 qr codes from the makers of Pokemon oras. There have been lots of issues about this because people think it's tough to get.
So, try your best to get it here:

Once downloaded, go to mossdeep city and you would find a guy saying that he's still waiting.

Not 100% this might work. But, try it anyways.

Hope this helped!

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There found in secret bases of the game developers. Each one gives a different doll.

http://i.imgur.com/Lg2Vpxb.jpg. <----there qr codes

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