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I recently caught the regi trio (All Lvl 40) and I was wondering which one is worth training up first? Or should I train a better poke I have, like Diancie (Lvl 54) since the rest of my team is at lvl 70? Personally I think they're all the same since they pretty much have the same learnset, but I want a second opinion

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Well, as far as STAT's go, all of them are no better in Spd and HP. Regice and Regirock are pretty similar, it's just that their Atk/Sp. Atk and Def/Sp. Def are switched (Regice being the better in Sp. Atk and Sp. Def; Regirock vice versa). Registeel is your more balance Pokemon from these Legendary Titans.

As far as it goes, each of them, as you know have the same learn-set, so each of them works just fine. You may want to go with Registeel if you want good defenses, otherwise go with Regirock if you want a good balance of weaknesses and resistances. You may choose Regice if you have it's hidden ability, and make it learn Hail.

Diancie is a good Pokemon, and it can Mega evolve - well depending on the game you have. Diancie does have similar qualities as the Titans, since it has low Spd and HP, but great defenses and Atk. It also has a good move pool and good STAB moves.

In my opinion, I would choose Diancie if your able to mega evolve it, otherwise choose any one of the three. If you wanted me to decide a good one, I think Regirock is a good choice.

Hope I helped! :)

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The question is tagged Platinum. There are no hidden abilities in Platinum. Also, how does Regirock have a good balance of weaknesses and resistances when Registeel has less of both?
then how is he able to have Diancie?
thank you, this really helped. Like, ALOT

and now that I'm looking at the other comments, I accidentally clicked platinum as a tag.. sorry for the confusion
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I think I can assume this is for battling NPCs. In that case, Registeel is by far the best of the three Regis, as it has eleven resistances and only three weaknesses. This often forces NPCs to use weaker moves to get around those resistances. Registeel can also tank both physical and special attacks, while Regice is vulnerable to physical and Regirock is vulnerable to special. As for Diancie, it's generally better than all three Regis because the people who define "better" take into account how quickly it can defeat NPCs. However, if toxic stalling is your thing, then go with Registeel.

thx. I really wanna put both your guy's best answer since both helped