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I found its information and found its school form and that could be the perfect water type for me(If you can also say where the super rod is that would also help).

Lana gives you the fishing rod after you complete her trial.
And when is that?
Her trial is the first one on the second island (Akala), after traveling through a few routes and towns.
Lana's trial is at the Brooklet Hill on Akala island. You have to go through Paniola Town and Paniola Ranch.

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Level it up to 21 and use it in a battle. It will turn into School Forme. Put it back in your PC Boxes, it will revert to Solo Forme.

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Doesn't Wishiwashi stay in School form when in Battle until it's Hp is Below 25%? How you worded it it sounded like it'll stay in the Schooling form until you put it in the PC kinda how like Sky Shaymin and Hoopa Unbound revert into their Original forms when you put them in the PC.
It also changes back to solo form whenever it switches out.