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I really have this doubt because I noticed that it has a total base stat of 620! How this is possible?

I'm pretty sure that this is not a pseudo-legendary because this guy has 20 more than total stats of such Pokemon! This appears pretty baffling! Can anyone tell me how this is possible and whether this Pokémon has a special category or not?

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Wishiwashi School Form is a transformation from Wishiwashi-Solo. It can only be activated in battle, due to Wishiwashi's unique Ability, Schooling. This Ability activates when Wishiwashi is above Level 20 and has over 25% health left. Wishiwashi's stats dramatically increase upon this transformation, and dramatically decrease upon reverting back.

It's a powerful Pokemon, but one that can be ridiculously weak. That's how Game Freak balances Pokemon like Wishiwashi -- by giving them some sort of hindrance.

Wishiwashi is not categorized into any specific category, unless you count species names, but that's getting technical. It can be placed in numerous categories, but it has never officially been given a category like "pseudo-legendary", or the like.

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No. All pseudo-legendaries are three stage lines, have a base stat total of exactly 600, and have an exp total of 1,250,000 at level 100.
Well, Does this pokemon have a special category; Actually, I asked 'bout that!
No, Wishwashi doesn't have a special category.
If so, please add that too in your answer. I hope it'll be helpful for others!
I think it could be in the category of Pokémon that have formes.