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I finally reached Mount Hokulani and I'm wondering how I will get a Shiny Minior. I don't want to leave until I get it.
How long will it take and what methods do I use?


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you cannot chain for minior. (it won't call)
the only way to hunt is to walk around in the grass until a shiny appears, prefably using the shiny charm.
that's what I did.
I have yet to actually find a shiny minior, however

It's complicated.
@sumwun yes, it's worth it. I got a Shiny Pichu and Magikarp with just a few hours of chaining. It's hard, and not all attempts have met with success, but it's not too difficult to find Shinies without the charm if you persevere. It does help a lot, however.
Yeah, but chaining Minior isn't hard; it's impossible.
Oh, I thought you were referring to SOS chaining.
you cannot chain. all you can do is walk around in the grass till u get wun