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Taught my espeon the move calm-mind. If I continuously use it in a battle, say a few times in a row, will espeons stats go up another stage per each use? Or is it a set percentage and won't matter if I use it one time or ten times?

each time adds a 0.5x multipler to any boosts already active. 6 boosts=4x

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Calm Mind raised Special Attack and Special Defence by one stage each. Stats can be raised and lowered six stages each. For example, if Growl is used on my Gastrodon 6 times, it's Attack will be -6. If my Gastrodon uses Harden 6 times, its defence will be +6. All stats start at 0. Your Espeon can use Calm Mind six times until the stat boosts stop stacking.

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Wow, so you're saying ALL  stat- boosting  moves can only stack 6 times?
Some moves, like swords dance, raise a stat by more than one stage. Swords dance raises physical attack by two stages per use, so it can be stacked three times.
Ok thk I get it; just never more than +6 stages. For a 300 % increase if I understand how that part works correctly....
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