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So, this Smogon set has a Zoroark that utilizes Nasty Plot:

Zoroark @ Life Orb
Ability: Illusion
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Nasty Plot
- Dark Pulse
- Flamethrower
- Focus Blast

Since Zoroark is frail, how can you use Nasty Plot successfully without using the Focus Sash?
How are you able to use other stat raising moves on a frail Pokemon that doesn't hold the Focus Sash?


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Just in general, the best time to use any non damaging moves, whether that's hazards or setup moves, is when your Pokemon is facing off against someone that it forces out, or to be more accurate, should force out. The key word here is 'should' as there really are players who have the balls not to recall their Pokemon even against certain death and that kind of play style can be rewarding sometimes

An example of this is when a Landorus is facing off against Heatran. It incredibly obvious that Heatran should retreat which means Lando has a free turn to do whatever it wants but sometimes, the Heatran trainer might be ballsy enough to take the chance and try to burn with lava plume or toxic Landorus, which is very rewarding but also extremely risky

That being said, there is no real way to secure that chance. Since this game is all about prediction, you can never be too certain about anything as with just about any kind of prediction, whether it's about in a Pokemon battle or something, it could turn out to be wrong and when it does, it doesn't end well

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Agree with this. A few little things I want to add:
* In addition to times where you have momentum, you can use set-up moves to punish passivity. There are some defensive Pokemon, like Toxapex and Mandibuzz in OU, that really lack an offensive presence. If you can afford getting poisoned, you can set up to power through them.
* The best time to set-up is when your opponent's Pokemon has no way of KOing the Pokemon you're about to switch in, and they have nothing left that could outspeed and/or tank its attacks. This is your 'win condition' and what you're trying to set up in the mid-game. Sweeps are easier if you plan them.
* Always assess risk vs. reward, both for you and your opponent. As the answer leads on, there are quite a few times when you should willingly stay in against a Pokemon that could KO, simply because you can't afford your opponent potentially setting up while you switch. Don't take the risk, and expect opponents to think similarly.
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  1. This is the easiest method I can think of. This applies to every frail set-up Sweeper. Use Zoroark to pressure a switch. I will just use this example without Illusion. If you are willing to sack a team member to allow it to switch in without damage, you can pressure a switch. By doing this, you give yourself a free turn to set up. This is the easiest method for any set-up Sweeper.
  2. Utilize Zoroark's ability. Zoroark still has a great ability, even though it it is a shame that the opponent knows that you have a Zoroark. Nevertheless, you can still use this to your advantage. By switching in with the illusion of being a Fighting Type, you still make your opponent think about if it really is that Fighting type. By making them think, you can again, force a switch and get a free turn. This is far from reliable, and it requires much more prediction, but it is still a method.
  3. This is also another solution. This goes for all set-up Sweepers. Set up Screens/Aurora Veil. By setting up Screens, you don't have to worry about any neutral attack or Super-effective attack. However, this isn't a cure all, you still have to worry about some attacks, but it gives you much more versatility to set-up. This is the most-reliable solution as it gives much more options.
    These are some methods I thought of to help. Again, these methods aren't foolproof, but can help.