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Im currently doing a BW2 run
Im at Chargestone cave, just right before Mistralton City
Pignite 30
Leavanny 30
Psyduck 29
Liepard 27
Tranquil 26

If so, what is the BEST way to level them up

fight audinos

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I would get some of your level 20 Pokémon to level 35 because Skyla's Pokémon range to level 30. Try and fight Audinos because they shed off a lot of Exp Points. And a quick question, it doesn't look like you have any electric or rock types for Skyla's birds. Does your Pignite have rollout? If not, I would recommend you get a megnezone, just level up magneton 1 level in Chargestone Cave. I'm not forcing you to do it, it's just a suggestion.

I hope this helped!

My pignite do Have rollout, Magnezone seems kinda cool. ok thx =D