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In my computer the pokemon emerald version is not working but the older versions are working properly such as pokemon crystal,red,blue, yellow, what should I do,i am a big fan of pokemon and I really want to play pokemon emerald version.

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If you're not playing the proper games then we try to avoid those questions, there could be any number of problems with your computer or whatever software you are using.

Maybe try getting a different version, or just buy the game! You can still get them online from Amazon and other places, for quite cheap as well because they are old.

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Two things one what website can you play pokemon emerald and two

i would suggest getting the actual game but it is probably a problam

with the website you are playing it on you should either talk to the

computer company or find a different website.

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Lf you REALLY love the Pokemon games, l would totally suggest you get the actual game itself, so that it actually works properly, to help support the Pokemon company, and to gain access to the Migration feature, GBA Link feature, and other things Emulators can't do.

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