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in the new app Magikarp jump. I'm asking if there is a list or record of previous old Magikarp generations other than just having them randomly lurking up in the background

edit: my Magikarp died is there a way to see a memory of him, he is dead so he doesn't visit my pond (because he is dead)

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What game is this? I am curious.
magikarp jump, I think it's only on mobile but it is new

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I don't think that there is, i've been playing the game and had 3 magikarp in a row forced to retire. I haven't seen any sign of them since, I think that if they are forced to retire or die then you can't see them, if they retire after the league then the only way to see them is to keep and eye out in the back of your pond as they all have a pattern in which they turn up.

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