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On the little intro page, and in the App Store, I can see several purchases can be made on the app, I just can't find where. If anyone out there knows, that would be greatly appreciated, as I've been searching for a while now.

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Just touch town (unless you're already in the town then...) and then touch the + next to your amount of Diamonds and you should be at the purchasing screen.

doesn't work
I don't know what to do then, sorry. What happened when you tried to do what I told you to?
there just wasn't a + button. It doesn't even prompt me to buy more when I try to buy something with minimal funds
Maybe it's a horrible glitch. Watch the first two minutes of this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QfWCScn6waY (It might help, but I doubt it will...). Also don't let Game Freak get to your mind, in a few months you could realize that this is all a waste of money (that's how I felt when I bought $30 worth of Diamonds in Pokémon Rumble World to get the Diamond Digger and Diancie. It was fun until it wasn't...).