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I tapped my Magikarp too much and the Everstone broke. How can I get another one?

EDIT: I have evolved one Magikarp so far, and I haven't got an Everstone.

EDIT EDIT: it turns out you do get a new Everstone after a Magikarp evolves.

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I'm pretty sure it's not until you evolve a 'karp, but I cannot ay for sure because I can't remember which of mine had the Everstone when I broke it or what levels they were when they retired.
It doesn't say you get a new Everstone, your next Magikarp just won't evolve.
You do get a new Everstone. Just checked my inventory after reaching lvl. 20. Should I hide this post or keep is for reference?
You can answer it yourself, I suppose.

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You do get a new Everstone after one breaks and a Magikarp evolves.
Source: Check under EDIT EDIT.

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