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If you look at the new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer, it looks really empty, like a floor or some sort. No inside

It's probably just an amorphous shadow that just looks solid, or can morph itself into any shape. No way of knowing for sure unless new info comes out.
seeing as we saw a glimpse of glowy eyes we'll probably find out soon
Mimikyu has bright glowing reddish and orangish eyes! I'm so excited to hear what is inside this cute pokemon. No one knows yet.

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No one knows for sure, but in one episode of the Sun and Moon Pokemon anime (The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair), Mimikyu takes off its cloak. It looks like Mimikyu's inside is sort of a black blob.

I think the black blob was meant to mean shadowy, this way they can tell us that mimikyu looks really scary under the cloth without showing us.
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Mimikyu has an amorphous shadow filled with nightmares and dreams of Pokemon that have looked inside Mimikyu.

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