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Level 36:
HP: 105
Attack: 114
Defense: 62
Sp. Atk: 48
Sp. Def: 98
Speed: 64
When I was fainting Gravelers in Iron Island, it gave my Gallade 4+ attack stat by leveling up.
Is this Gallade ev trained?
(Nature: Adamant)
(Also, I have Gallade in Pokemon Diamond and I got Gallade by migrating so I evolved Kirlia)

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How did you get it? It is EV trained at least somewhat because defeating Pokemon ALWAYS gives you EV's, but to what extent I can't say.
If you mean fully trained, this is how you check. (assuming you're playing Generation 4)
1. Grow lots of EV berries (26 of each will be enough, but it works with less)
2. Save the game
3. Feed EV berries to the Pokemon you want to check and count how many of each it ate before its stats stopped falling
4. Soft reset or reboot
The number of berries that lower its stats is EVs/10 rounded up. For example, if your definition of fully EV trained is 252 Atk/4 Def/252 Spe, then it will lose EVs from 0 pomeg berries, 26 kelpsy berries, 1 qualot berry, 0 hondew berries, 0 grepa berries, and 26 tamato berries.
Ok, thanks for telling me.

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Being Ev Trained needs the Pokemon to be close to or exact level 100 to show the real stats.
The current stats you are showing is for a Level 36 Pokemon which is not fully Leveled and that's enough to say we can't determine the Pokemon being fully Ev trained.
These stats are based on calculations in Game Freak co. which you can find some on the internet by searching the formulas.
If your asking the Formulas for an under 100 level Pokemon, I really don't know if it exists, It surely does but finding them might be hard.

Of course they exist. They're right here. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Statistic
I am grateful for every answer but, does ev training exist in every generation? Even first one?
Yes. In the first two generations, Pokemon can have max EVs in every stat. Every generation since then limits the total number of EVs for each Pokemon.