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Could you explain what you're asking about more?
I think they were asking about Nicknames.
let me introduce you to the word "they"

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Assuming you mean nicknaming limitations, it's to prevent the player from calling their Pokemon something obscene.

Not only is this not in the spirit of the game but trading Pokemon with offensive names is obviously something undesirable for the game creators to have happen, especially when a large part of Pokemon players are children.

Since trading happens worldwide, the censor takes into consideration a list of words from various languages, not just your own. Because of this, it may try to block a name that looks safe to you.

Of course, the censor isn't perfect. Safe names may be incorrectly blocked and some obscene names might slip by and be allowed. Previously, "Cofagrigus" was blocked from trade even though it was the Pokemon species' name.

An example of a incorrectly blocked name is "Spike"
an example of an unblocked name is when my cousin named his snorlax "fatass" and the game was cool with it
Once I named my Magnemite 2 bad words in all caps but I traded it away because 1: Trade bans scare me. And 2: The IVs suck.
"fatass" lol.