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I'm playing Explorers of Sky and I'm trying to defeat Groudon. However, my partner doesn't attack at all, it just idles around and looks at me!! This hasn't been happening before. It attacks in the dungeons and it attacked Groudon the first few times, but now it won't. It's a Vulpix, if that has anything to do with it. My team tactic is set to "Lets Go Together." Can anyone help?

EDIT: Just set tactic to "Go After Foes." SHE STILL WONT ATTACK. I legit want to yell at her but that obviously won't work because duh, it's a video game. What am I supposed to do?

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Are all of your partner's moves deselected? That's the best answer I can think of. Also, check your partner's individual tactic. It can differ from the team tactic, but I'm not sure if both a team tactic and individual tactics can be in effect at the same time. I would test it myself but I don't have my EoS on me at the moment.
I get the same thing but way earlier in the game with Riolu. He simply won't attack with the 'Normal' attack.

Just had to untick the i.q thing where it says he only uses moves; Played blue rescue team before this game.

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Astronautical is right, make sure your vulpix has the pp left and moves ticked, otherwise maybe vulpix was stunned or slowed down, making it skip some turns.
try by giving your carnivoran buddy some rocks, see if it throws them.
lastly, check it's ability, maybe if it got hit by groudon and activated an ability to make it run away.
this is not the first time a confused question was asked regarding pmd sky, I also ready about the american version having glitches (just in case, make sure to name Pokemon in less than ten characters, even if there default name is more then ten characters, just in case) so maybe your game is being a little glitchy.
not much I can do to help, I have been replaying pmd explorers of time, which is pretty similar to sky and I didn't have trouble fighting groudon, if worse comes to worse and no solution comes your way, you can always bring a sleep seed or two and take groudon out yourself.
that is the best answer I have for now, hopefully it was helpful to some extent.
helping beyond time and darkness,
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