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I have just started Pokemon EOS but I'm stuck on which pokemon I should pick. I want pokemon that have better better coverage over the game(like dungeons and stuff).


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Well They all have the same amount of weaknesses and strengths to the bosses. Just pick the one you want.
Here is a list of the starters and what questions you answer to get them.

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I say a Water type or Fire type starter like Chimchar or Squirtle. They both can attack at a long range with the moves Flamethrower and Bubble. That really helps defeat the bosses without getting a scratch on you. But really, the starters will all have their strengths and Weaknesses. For example, A Bulbasaur would have more of a chance to defeat Groudon than Charmander. Ranging moves are half the battle in the Mystery Dungeon series.

Here is a list of all the Legendaries In Explorers of Sky:http://www.serebii.net/dungeonsky/legendary.shtml

Actually Pb, With Groudon's Sunlight in the game, Fire is more affective on him.
If you read my answer, I said have a chance, meaning to also take a hit >:)
Also, double the damage from Grass type moves cause way more damage than a Fire type boost To Groudon :P
Yeah, I was just pointing out something I read, Afterall, I did Upvote you :P
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i recommend riolu or munchlax. munchlax can learn metronome very early which is very useful. riolu evolved cant be poisoned and beats up most people that arent fire types. who ever you get, make sure it is supereffective against your partner. its ok if not but NEVER the other way around

munchlax set: water pulse thunderbolt metronome flamethrower

riolu set: aura sphere close combat force palm focus blast

riolu/lucario are in IQ group C. the best group in the game.

munchlax/snorlax are in IQ group G. pretty nice.

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You proved my point about Long ranging moves :)
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