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I am still having to choose a 6th pokemon for my team. I know that Rayquaza has better stats, but he would be a true cliche on my team, whereas Celebi could be quite useful. They're both level 100s. P.S. If Celebi wins, how would it compare to my Hydreigon?

Celebi- Hasty
Psychic/U-Turn/Shadow Ball (it varies)
Charge Beam
Leaf Storm
Rayquaza- Impish
Stone Edge


Hygreigon- Mild
Dragon Pulse

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Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Like you mentioned, Rayquaza does have better stats than Celebi, and (at least in my opinion) has better moves available than Celebi. However, with a Hydreigon already on your team, you would have two Dragon Pokemon, making your team very susceptible to Ice-type. Celebi is weaker with (again, my opinion) a weaker available moveset, and more weaknesses than Rayquaza. All said, I would choose Rayquaza, and if really needed you can switch out your Hydreigon, but it probably won't be necessary. I recommend switching out Outrage for a different move, such as Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, or maybe Thunderbolt, and swap out Overheat for Flamethrower. Even though Outrage and Overheat are powerful, the confusion and stat loss respectively associated with each move can hamper Rayquaza badly. Keep Fly and Stone Edge, or swap Stone Edge for Dragon Dance (Tutor move).

I hope this might have helped in some way. ;)

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I also have Zekrom and Kyurem on my team, so thanks for bringing that up. (Hydreigon isn't officially on my team.) Overheat is my only special move, so I find that it works.
P.S. Dragon Dance can be learned by level-up, too.
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I cannot believe you're even asking this .
Whether its raining or its sunny.
Whether its winter or its Summer .
or Maybe autumn or spring .
Whether it is dawn whether it is dusk the only pokemon that has to be chosen is RAYQUAZA .

Ignore the speech that was because rayquaza is my favourite pokemon .

Anyway clearly you gotta go with rayquaza no matter what so best wishes!!

*P.S. Please don't vote me down because of that boring poem/speech.

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Definitely go with Rayquaza, Celebi has too many weaknesses to be effective while Rayquaza is a true Uber powerhouse. I suggest using this set

Dragon Claw (keep Outrage if you really want to and give it the berry that cures confusion)
Extremespeed (If you're using this as an ingame team keep Fly because you NEED it for ingame)

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