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I found a Wild Drifblim & Golbat (Giant Chasm) and I Used my Galvantula and Chandelure to fight them. Both my pokemon just evolved, so they are weak against them.

Drifblim used Shadow Ball on Chandelure, Golbat used Air Cutter on Galvantula. Both my Pokemon fainted. I sucessfully swithced into Ferrothorn, but when I Tried Sigilyph, it didnt let me, it said "Sigilyph Cant be switched out!".

I had to turn off because I has no solution, which as you would expect, raelly annoys me. Can somone explan why this happened and how (none of the pokemon had an ability/move to stop this kind of switching).

It happened to me too! I battled two Buffalants and they crit'ed my pokemon and I had no solution!

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If you click shift by sigilyph then you will see all the pokemon of your party again. now you have to choose with wich of the 2 fainted pokemon you want to shift it out and just click on that pokemon. then it would work.