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In case you didn't know, Emerald has a facility called the Battle Arena. There, if three turns pass and nothing faints, then the referee forces a Pokemon to faint through judging. One criterion that gets judged is called "body", which is the fraction of HP that the Pokemon has left. If the Pokemon's fraction is greater than its opponent's, then the Pokemon gets two points. If they're equal, then the Pokemon gets one point. If it's less, then the Pokemon gets 0 points. Once, I battled a Haunter with my Camerupt. After three turns, my Camerupt was missing some of its HP, while the Haunter's HP was full. When they got judged, both Pokemon were given one point in the "body" category. Why did that happen?

It happened because their body was Reggie.
It's very likely that your Haunter's maximum HP was still below Camerupt's HP at the conclusion of the battle. I imagine this is very likely, since Haunter has an abysmal base HP of 45 while Camerupt has a semi-decent base HP of 70. To prove exactly how likely this is, we would need a more precise idea of Camerupt's remaining HP and what level they were on (I believe they're not always at Level 100 in the Battle Arena), but I'm sure this was what happened.

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Thank you for using 'criterion' instead of 'criteria'!
Are you sure it's judged by the absolute count and not the ratio?
Well, if your Haunter was at 100 percent and the opponent's Camerupt was lower than that, it clearly isn't ratio. Given your example and Haunter's terrible base HP stat, I am convinced that the Body criterion judges the final absolute HP value of each Pokemon. Furthermore, even though it's GameFAQs, multiple people in the source suggest the same phenomenon.
I just found out this is wrong. According to Bulbapedia, "body" is the ratio of HP at the start of the three turns divided by the HP at the end. Neither Pokemon lost any HP during the three turns, so they tied. I think this makes more sense because it also explains why there would always be a tie when both Pokemon remain at full HP for three turns, regardless of their base HP.
Honestly I thought I checked Bulbapedia...

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I might as well answer it myself because I was the one who first found the correct answer.

Body judges the amount of HP remaining at the end of the third round compared to their amount at the start of the first. The Pokémon with the better ratio wins the two points in the overall judgment.

Moral: Bulbapedia is more reliable than GameFaqs.