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I have a female Glameow in Moon, Adamant nature, ability is Limber. I'm planning on using it as a practice Pokémon for EV Training, so it's Lv. 1 right now. So far, her moveset is:
Play Rough
Wake-Up Slap

I'm planning on using this occasionally with my Fake Out Meinshao in Doubles.

I'm unsure whether Fake Out or Hone Claws would be better for Glameow. I'm leaning more towards Hone Claws because my Mienshao has Fake Out already, I don't know which is better.


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For your current moveset, I would say Fake Out.

I assume you are replacing Snatch with either of these moves, leaving your remaining moveset as Play Rough, U-Turn, and Wake-Up Slap. Since your Glameow has U-Turn, the Attack and Accuracy boost Hone Claws provides would go away when you use it. A Fake Out/U-Turn combination is a good one, flinching your opponent then switching (while still doing damage) into a bulkier Pokémon if you're faster. Chances are you will be since you avoid paralysis with Limber. I know this question was asked almost a year ago, but I still hope I provided some help!