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ok so I was going through my cards as I'm wanting to sell them, I have a moltres which has a holofoil effect over the entire card and a white diamond water delta species persian. white diamond doesnt come up on the rarity list so I'm wondering if someone can give me an answer


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Edited your post slightly, since your formatting made it so your description was entirely hidden. I hope you don't mind the images are included as direct links, they're a little big to put in the actual thread :)
I don't think the Persian card is that rare. The Moltres card is kinda rare I think. I'm not that qualified with Pokemon TCG but here are the links to them:
And cool face.
I don't really think that the Persian is rare but I can be wrong because I'm a bit new to the TCG.
The Moltress card can be really rare If it isn't fake. It's rare because of the glittery things on the card. My friend had told me this when I showed her my Cards.
I don't know about the first card since I only specialise in Pokemon cards between 1995-2002, but the second card looks like a reverse holofoil Moltres from the 2002 Legendary Collection expansion. The pictures don't really help though as I can't read the date or make out the expansion symbol. Despite what I've just said I'm not entirely convinced it's from the Legendary Collection, as the expansion symbol looks more like the symbol from the Fossil expansion than the Legendary Collection. Not to mention reverse holofoil cards from the Legendary Collection have a silver border while your card appears to be gold. The only problem is reverse holofoil cards were not released in the Fossil expansion. Therefore it could be either a reprint, error or fake but unless you upload some clearer photos I can't say for sure.

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The Persian is apparently selling for about 30 USD on Amazon.
The Moltres apparently sells for about 25 USD.