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Just wondering.

What Normal-type move are you trying to boost w/Normal Gem?
Also, you should know that Rhydon w/Eviolite will have a base Defense stat of 180 and a base Special Defense stat of 67.5.
@Espeon What format?
@Jason That's not how eviolite works. Eviolite has no effect on base stats.
If you're actually playing NU or whatever Rhydon but never use either in higher tiers

btw eviolite affects the actual stat not the base stat so the base stat with it would be higher than that
@JasonEeveeLution What does a Normal Gem have to do with anything?
@sumwun NU, as JarJar~ said.
@JarJar~ I'm playing NU but are you talking to JasonEeveeLution or me?
My mistake, I thought you were asking if which item is better Eviolite/Normal-Gem. The correct wording should be "Kantonian Golem", just to bypass confusion status by other users.
But the other Golem form is native to many regions, not only Kanto. I think "old Golem" is better.

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Rhydon has better HP and physical attack, and gets better defense stats from the eviolite. It can learn megahorn, which is good for covering the grass Pokemon that resist earthquake. Rhydon is better for NU.

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Thank you so much! ♪