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I've done some research and I discovered that in order for a tridimensional being to pass through a wormhole the same wormhole has to be tridimensional (in short a sphere) but the one we see in Sun and Moon is most likely a classic bidimensional wormhole. My question is: can it be seen as a tridimensional wormhole in some way? if yes, how? or am I wrong and a tridimensional being can pass through a bidimensional wormhole? (i don't think so but I can be wrong, i'm not perfect :3 )

Honestly, I think this deals less with Pokemon and more with quantum physics and such, so you might be better off taking this to some sort of physics forum or Q&A site, or something of that manner.
Yes I know but I asked here because maybe someone can come up with something Pokémon related that I didn't think of :)
I mean in a world where as a eleven year old your pets can just summon deadly fire and you can capture ancient godlike creatures, I feel this isn't the biggest plot hole here
well, ok i suppose :3 i don't think it is a plot hole but it's easier to represent a wormhole like they did so it's justified
Who downvoted this? It's a decent question, doesn't deserve the downvote.

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According to the screenshots I've found and assuming your research is correct, I would draw the conclusion that the developers skipped the question of physics altogether, if it even was a question at any point.

If you'll look at my second comment of the other answer posted, you can see that this appears to be a bulge in the fibers of the other world, opening a wormhole. The center of the wormhole does not appear to be a spherical object in this photograph, and this bulge would probably be the reason I believe I erroneously perceived the wormhole as a spherical center in the first photograph.

As for if some Pokemon allows it, I first thought of Dialga or Palkia, controlling time and space; neither of which you can find there. After some research, I found that Solgaleo and Lunala have the ability to create the Ultra Wormholes themselves, and can each travel through them. Perhaps Solgaleo/Lunala are the ones that make traveling like this safe; that would be the only thing that would make sense to me, considering they take you the Ultra World or whatever to fight Lusamine and then back. And then again to get the Cosmog in the alternate Alola.

I think the almighty power of the legendaries just bypasses physics in this situation is all.

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I'd have posted the images if my post had just cooperated, if you want them just ask
I don't think that game freak skipped the physics of wormholes (because they tried to gave the illusion of tridimensionality, if it is even a word) but they rendered it in that way for make easier the comprehension of the concept of "portal". I'm aware that solgaleo and lunala can open those portal but I think that entering those portals in one way or another they distort the matter in their bodies, and in the player's body, making it bidimensional. That is impossible but, hey, it's a game :) I'm not giving best answer only because maybe someone can retain to answer if they see that the question has a best answer, if nobody answered I'll vote it as best :)
Aren't wormholes, black holes, and the like, totally destructive to everything biotic and even some things that aren't? I thought that normally it would mean destruction. I know there's a difference between the two, but wasn't it rather subtle? If it modified our matter to something else, that would annihilate us.
No, black holes are near infinite mass object that attracts everything, even light here's why black holes, and if you go inside one you'll be "spaghettified" and your mecules will be teared apart while wormholes are folding of the space-time fabric and using a passage created where the folding are at their nearest you use a "tube" made in another dimension (yes it's strange, it's hard to explain) but it would be crossable (it's hard to explain) and no since now we don't know if there's some other forms of matter and anti-matter isn't a bidimensional form of normal matter. I think it's impossible change normal matter in bidimensional matter so I don't know what would happen, but it would probably annihilate us :3
An interesting thing to note, however, would be that Lusamine's already there when you go through the Wormhole to the Ultra Dimension.  They skipped physics for that too, unless Nihilego can also open the wormholes.
Nihilego can’t open the wormholes. Playing Ultra Moon, it seems that the Aether Foundation used gases from Cosmog to open it and Nihilego cane through. Then again when Lusamine used Cosmog to travel there.
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Disclaimer: having not played SM, I don't actually know what this wormhole looks like, and I might be missing some crucial information that renders all this information unviable, but here's what I got:

It is possible for a three-dimensional object to be seen as two-dimensional. Our perception of depth comes largely from our ability to see shade. Notice how the circle looks like a sphere because of the shading:
However, if an object were to reflect no light whatsoever, it would look perfectly two dimensional. And yes, there is a material like this. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Vantablack, the darkest material known to man:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v0_fID_jvA (okay, that's not technically Vantablack, but it uses an extremely similar technique and has the same effect, and this video demonstrates the idea very well).

Unlike, well, everything, Vantablack reflects almost no light at all, so, even when applied to a three-dimensional object, you can't notice any details popping out, and it looks more like a 2-dimensional silhouette.

Once again, if I'm missing something and this isn't really applicable to the situation, I'm sorry, but at the very least we learned something fun today, right?

We sure have learnt something new ^_^ but it doesn't answer my question :( if something can't be seen as tridimensional it doesn't follow that's not tridimensional, my question was a bit more technical or at least something that in the Pokémon world allow a tridimensional being to go through a bidimensional wormhole, up vote for the effort :)
https://www.serebii.net/sunmoon/altworld1.jpg This would be what the wormhole looks like. It appears, in my opinion, to be a tubular hole that leads to a sphere of white light.
https://eternia.fr/public/media/sl/screens/soluce/686.png upon further search I find that I'm wrong
Yeah that's exactly my problem, it seems in some way tridimensional in the tubular part but it really is bidimensional because we have to consider only the exterior part, the circle before the tubular part