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So I recently bred a Mienshao from a Mienfoo with the HA Reckless I got from Wonder Trade. Its in a Dream Ball and female. It has its egg move Knock Off as well. Anyways whenever I try battling on battle spot with her it says that one or two of my Pokémon have a problem and won't let me battle. What's the deal man? Can I fix this?

Can I get all the Pokémon info? I wanna say it's the Dream Ball, but I wanna see other things first

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The problem with the Mienshao is actually not itself, but Wonder Trade. Pokemon migrated from Gen 5 or earlier to Sun/Moon are banned, due to different filters concerning moves. The level and TM's of moves learned by the same Pokemon from different generations may be different; and you can check Mienshao's data in this website itself, and you'll see it's different.

It's not only Mienshao, but if you compare the moves learned of a Pokemon from Gen 5 or earlier, and the same Pokemon's moves for Sun/Moon, chances are they are different. So, when you wonder traded, the person who you traded it with could of transferred it from Gen 5 - and this is most likely the problem. Battle spot usually only allows Pokemon in-game to make sure the growth of the Pokemon is legit, and not altered or hacked.

Otherwise, it's definitely the dream ball

Hope I helped! :)

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Please inform me if this is not the case
Yeah I'm pretty sure it's the Dream ball. Serenity says it's illegal to have for a Mienshao in Sun. But yes you helped a lot thank you!!
Ok, I corrected my answer to rule out both scenarios. And, glad to help