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I want to do some shiny hunting because A. It's fun and B. I have nothing else to do. Anyway, I just wanted to know which game was better for shiny hunting. I don't have the shiny charm in either game.
My preferred method in XY is PokeRadar chaining, while my preferred method in SuMo is breeding. (I mean there's only like two options anyway, breeding or SOS calls.)


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Well, it's better to look at the odds of every method of finding a shiny to see which game is better.

  • the Masuda Method raises the probably to about 1/1365
  • the PokeRadar method needs about 40-50 consecutive encounters of the same Pokemon until you have a good chance of finding a shiny; however it doesn't exceed the Masuda Method until about a chain-link of 33.
  • Consecutive fishing is about the easiest way of getting a shiny Pokemon, and can help you encounter a shiny Pokemon from as small as a chain of 15 to maybe as high as 120. It's probability is similar to the PokeRadar, but some Pokemon can be found much easier than others (such as Luvdisc over a Horsea)
  • Horde Farming with a Pokemon with Sweet Scent can raise your probabilities to 5/8192. Or you can use a good but very long and irritating method; you can kill most (not all) of the Pokemon in a horde and keep waiting for it to call to help and hope it's a shiny.
  • the Friend Safari probability is unknown, but most cases I've heard is about 1/2500 or 1/2000

All of these methods are able in Pokemon X/Y, however all but PokeRadar are in found in Pokemon Sun/Moon (there is PokePelago instead of Friend Safari for Sun/Moon). So from this, you may conclude that Pokemon X/Y is better for shiny hunting since there is more opportunities, but both games work just as well.

*If you do however get the shiny charm, it can increase your chances about 300% higher than the standard.

Hope I helped! :)

Something else to note is it's extremely easy to obtain the shiny charm in comparison to past games; complteting the Alola Dex is about 300 while the national Dex in ORAS and XY is over twice that.

That being said, you can't horde-farm in SM :(
Yeah. Both your points are true!!