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Hi guys. Im really enjoying my pokemon white, but for the last couple of days I wasnt so happy. I play pokemon white on my 3ds since it supports WPA, but when I try trading ( NOT MIGRATING) from my pokemon SS and Platinum it doesnt even connect . I play SS and Platinum on a Ds lite and pokemon white on a 3ds which might have something to do with it. I go to the union room on both Platinum and SS to connect to White but it doesnt.PLZZZZZZZ help.

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Wait, is your problem that platinum and ss won't connect oris it getting pokemon to white from platinum and ss?

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Okay, I'm not exactly sure what you said, but just know, that on White, you must go to the Transfer Lab, while the DS with the Soul Silver or Platinum MUST go to DS Download.
After that, you will play a mini-game to catch six Pokemon you're migrating.

If you're trying to trade from White to Platinum or Soul Silver, it just isn't compatible. They will not connect with each other.
Hope you figure out your problem! ~

I get the poke transfer part. Thats all fine to me but, what I wanted to do is a normal trade from pokemon SS to white using a 3ds and a normal Ds lite. Is that ,as you said in-compatible
You can't trade between White and SS.  It's impossible.  You need to transfer to get pokemon to White.
Yeah, fritjof is right.

You cannot trade from White to > Soul Silver/Platinum.
You CAN trade from Soul Silver/Platinum to White using the Poke Transfer.

That's it.