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I really want to have a Keldeo on my team, but I want to be able to train it. GTS has been no help so far, and I was hoping someone on here would have any ideas. Preferably no hacking, I don't know how to do that. Thank you.

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Keldeo has not yet been available to Sun and Moon, meaning that you will have to transfer a Keldeo from one of the previous two generations.

A Keldeo at Level 15 was only available through four distributions: in Gen V, a GameStop promotion event in America, Europe and Oceania, as well as a Japanese movie pre-order gift. In Gen VI, it was a gift for purchasing the South Korean ORAS guide and it was available through the Japanese 'Pokemon Scrap Campaign' distribution.

So obtaining your desired Keldeo is certainly not an impossible feat! There are some Level 15 Keldeo floating around in Gen V and VI. As below commenter said, GTS may not be the best place to look due to most event Pokemon holding a ribbon that restricts them from being traded over Wi-Fi. You can still get one by initiating a direct trade with somebody with their friend code, you just need to search for somebody willing to offer their Keldeo. Good luck!

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GTS in particular won't help, since all legal Keldeo distributions have come with a ribbon whose primary purpose is specifically to tell GTS and Wonder Trade to refuse attempts to trade it. You can still make a trade for it if you find the friend code of someone who has it, and arrange a regular wi-fi trade with them, but not if your only hope is to browse GTS.
Ah I didn't think of that thank you