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Format: 1v1

Which Pokemon is better competitively?

To be perfectly clear of what you mean by 1v1, do you mean normal single battles or the Smogon metagame called 1v1 where players choose one of their three Pokemon to play with, and the first to be knocked out decides the winner? Since you're asking broadly which is the best for competitive, and since 1v1 is not a very broad metagame, I wanted to make sure I'm understanding you.
I mean normal single battles.
Right: so you might want to avoid listing 1v1 as your format, since people will probably confuse you for talking about the Smogon metagame. So for example, the answer you have at the moment isn't for standard singles.
Is it for Showdown! or 3DS? If 3DS, local battles, Battle Spot, or VGC? If Showdown!, what does the "Format:" box near the top right corner say when you use the Pokemon?
It's for Showdown, and the tier is AG (Anything Goes).
Once you get Primarina to a high level, she's op

I know because I am the owner of a level 87 Primarina =D
But the question is about competitive battling, where levels are set to level 50 or 100. In-game levels don't matter.

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Both are almost completely outclassed by either primal Kyogre or fairy Arceus. However, Tapu Fini carved out a very small niche by using defog. Of the three, Tapu Fini is the best, but none of the three should be used unless you have a very good reason to need a water type defogger.

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stall:milotic. sp sweep:primreena contact sweep:none overall:tapu fini

In most formats, Tapu Fini is the better special sweeper because it can learn calm mind and its better defensive stats give Tapu Fini more chances to use calm mind.
lower sp.attack
It makes up for the low special attack by using calm mind.